Rollin into March.


Well here it is. super stoked to be rolling into march. So far this winter:  still hidin out down in the south east texas area of the world. might be a bit difficult to hide out in these parts in the weeks ahead as the SXSW machine rolls into town. yikes. super stoked got to see XD justin and the Snarky puppy gang last week. hot off a grammy win… super smokin.. and looks like they were burnin the roads all the way to the java jazz fest this weekend.. talked to him in Narita, Japan so there really haulin! wow.been rockin it in the woodshed and workin on some new music for the folks at steam horse dry goods…. got caught up on some hotel room tv. lil charlie rose and tavis smiley, caught radiohead & dale watson on austin city limits! not together but equally impressive… learned from tavis that this weekend the oscars will take place.. so i did some lookin into the pics. Cutie and the boxer looks kinda interesting. ill get around to pirating a few of the blockbusters in the days ahead. also glad to know the  season 2 of Vikings in back in action on the history channel. After Treme fazed out been wanting to check the true detective on Hbo as well. and randomly today i checked out cool detective shows from the 70′s and man i didnt realize that hannibal from the Ateam was Banacek a smooth BA detective. Saw a pretty wild British series from that period also called The sweeney, not to be confused with the 2012 film. .. in other art/media news saw the break dancin jesus and the guy who makes beach sand murals those are the two that stick out at the moment.  been readin alot about wigwams, solar construction,  yurts clean burning fuel stoves and choosing the correct fish oils, centurians, Ogimi, and a Malcom gladwell book called outliers. yep winter NERD time at its finest .  in the outdoors been blazing the canyons lately and rode an insane fixed gear bike with no breaks super fast but tuff to stop. . on the food scene. eatn tamales, searching for great falefel, noodle bowls, fantastic salads and veg vegan dives, turmeric tea, and matcha, yum. .  and my hope is to escape these famous city limits to catch a Spurs game.. been listening to alot of slide lately checkin some of the sacred steel, and indian guitar guys. stealing some tricks..  And the beastie boys have been sounding real good to my ears at the moment… Oh yeah In Shake it like a caveman  One man band news dates will resume in April, and more news about European dates for this summer coming soon. Glad to have version of blog up and runnin! & as suggested by punxatawney phil, not much longer till the cold winds of winter are behind us.  fist pump. Taco time.

xxoo snake