In the event u are running out of things to google. Here is a list of Inspiring  Entertaining and Educational things im into.


Builder, traveler, publisher and author Lloyd Khan is 85 years old and a total bad ass.

Ive been reading this guys books/cookbooks for over 20 years.  Doing so turned me on to alot of stuff.

Mycologist and fungi man. His research on mushrooms,  human and ecological health is rad

 Definately one of the coolest dudes on the planet

I love her paintings too.

This California surfer and artist makes some of the sickest camper conversions ive ever seen

Always inspiring films production and crew

These videos are a beautiful mystery to me.  LiZiqi  gracefully takes the self sufficient vibes and video editing to the next level
Design is around us everywhere
late 70’s NYC Grit mystery
Interviews with music legends captured in the mid 1980’s. Library of Congress archived.
collection of great stories
Yep kid dynamite has a podcast.
Mega chill relaxing tunes.
This station always turns me on to some new stuff from around the world
There are alot of great classical stations but have been enjoying this one lately
My brother turned me on to this trippy informative animated series