Amabie Good Luck T


Amabie Good Luck T


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The Amabie T-Shirt

Hand Screened and Designed by Shake it like a Caveman

The Legend of the “Amabie” is from the time of great plague and sickness in Japan in the 1800’s. The Legend emerged Late one evening as a group of Fishermen discovered a beaming light from the water.  They sailed out to invesitgate the source.  Rising from the light appeared to them  a 3 legged, long haired, scaled creature.  The creature came to them and said its name was “Amabie.   The Creature explained that its image would protect them from the plague. “Amabie” also spoke of a great harvests to come for the the next 6 years. The fishermen rushed to tell the people of the village of what they discovered. People for miles and miles started creating images and figures of the “Amabie” to act  as a talisman to protect against sickness or misfortune.

Color: Tahiti Blue. Printed with Black ink

T Shirt: Mens- Next level CVC

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