Yeeah finally .. This is the first record in a long time for shake it like a caveman. I wanted to do a record that had songs with alot happening in or around 3 minutes. Basically,  I was inspired  to write  Songs built for  Movies and TV.  I was lucky enough to work with great musicians who helped  bring the vision  to life. Mustang Holiday covers a lot of territory. It was an wild ride for me as a writer, musician and Artist. I love party/ boogie music as well as the smooth lo fi and 70’s thang. So theres a nice mix of all that and some real heartfelt jams too. I tried to put it all out there vocally.  I wrote the tunes and lyrics,  played drums, keys, guitar, bass, harmonica, sang, sometimes simultaneously 🙂 Created album art & layout and built website. The record was tracked at Dial Back Sound Water Valley, MS,  Echo Mtn. Asheville NC, Reluctant Sherpa Mobile studios Johnson City, TN and Binic, France.  I mixed it at the Sherpa in France and Tennessee. The record was mastered in Ventura California by JJ Golden.     

Mustang Holiday is not on any streaming services. Its only for sale on this website and at shows.  Mp3 download or CD. I Hope the record makes u feel something or inspires u in some positive way. Its heading in a weird wonderful direction.   Thanks, ….Blake.

Personnel:  Justin Stanton- keys, synth. Luke wood- Guitar, Drums. Bronson Tew- Engineer, Bass, Drums, BGV. Starlin Browning- Engineer, BGV. Henry Westmoreland- Horns. Kyle snuffer- horns, Alex bradley- horns. Jimbo Mathus- Banjo. Matt Williams- Violin, Engineer. Simon George- Clav. Clay Miller- Engineer.  

Big thanks to: YM Brard, JUJU, Ludovic Lorre, Victor Sbrovazzo,  Jess Statzer, Bill n Betty,  Dr & C Lawson, Dr Mikey B. Roland Le Guigo, Emon Mangan, Leake, jojo, Peeps & j rat BO. Marcello Renato and family. The gang @ Morell Music Johnson city TN.  & everybody who has supported and inspired this thing over the years and let me park in your driveway or sleep on ur couch Y