What is shake it like a caveman?

Shake it like a Caveman One man Band is Slide Guitar,  drums, & Harmonica.  The name of the band was inspired from early audiences partying and dancing without control.   Blake Burris the man behind Shake it like a Caveman is also a graphic designer, printmaker, video and visual artist. Occasionally Shake it like a caveman resides in the mountains between Asheville, North Carolina and Johnson City, TN.

What are your Influences?

Shake it like a Caveman’s music is influenced by Mississippi Hill country blues,  Detroit/ Memphis funk soul, Jazz, hypnagogic pop, and AM Gold

How can I listen to your music?

The best way to listen to shake it like a caveman is come to the shows and pick up a cd or vinyl. The fastest way to listen to shake it like a caveman is here on the website or check out the Discography on Bandcamp. Heres the link: www.bandcamp.com/shakeitlikeacaveman

How can I see live footage of the show? 

The best way to see the show is well, live. Check the dates here and on the social media calendars.  The next best way is to scroll the archives of the Shake it like a caveman Youtube Channel below                                   https://www.youtube.com/user/cavebone/featured

What is your Availability and How do I Contact for an Event?

The show is available for performances in  North America, Europe, Japan. To support Tour, Event, Venue,  Club Dates, Party, Educationa/ Cultural Events and festivals. email for more info.

Does shake it like a caveman have a Booking Agent or Office Contact? 

Shake it like a caveman is currently operated out of the van both for European and North America dates. If you are affiliated with a reputable agent and want to book the show. yeeess. please contact.

Does shake it like a caveman have a record Label? 

Currently, there are no contracts or obligations with a record label. In the past years, I have put out a few records in Europe With Beast records in Rennes, France. BTW These guys rule.  I do have my own publishing company called Reluctant Sherpa.   If u are with a label and interested in putting out a shake it like a caveman record new or re-issue. Hit me up.

Are your songs Available for TV, Commercials, and Sync Licensing? 

Yes absolutely. Contact me. 

Is shake it like a caveman Big Band available for performances?

Short answer YES.  Explanation, Shake it like a caveman big band is a large format of the one man band show with keys, drums, bass and horns .  The other guys are touring the world with their own projects but with enough notice, we could put it together.

How do I get HI-RES pics, Stage plot and press for the show? 

If what you need is not available on the website. Send an email to request.

What is the best way to Contact Shake it like a Caveman? 

Please email using the form below. its the fastest most legit way to contact me.   Correspondance thru social media gets lost in the digital exhaust. Looking forward to hearing from you.