Mustang holiday was written and album art by Blake Burris. Recorded at Dial Back Studios Water Valley MS, Binic France, Johnson city TN.  and Echo mtn . Asheville, NC 2018-2019.  Mastered by JJ Golden.  Reluctant Sherpa © & p 2019.


Digital football was written, recorded and album art by Blake Burris in Asheville, NC. The Beave Studios. 2011. Mastererd by John Golden.  Reluctant Sherpa © & p 2012


When you smile i see your fangs was recorded live in Bretegne, France @ Tarmac Studios in 2009. Album Art by Tonio Marinescu. Songs performed by Blake Burris. Reluctant Sherpa ©&P 2010





Written and recorded Asheville, NC. 2010. Shake it like a caveman big band. Album art Blake Burris. Personnel: Justin Stanton, Luke Wood, Erich Hubner, Blake Burris. Reluctant Sherpa ©&p 2011